“Comics as Journalism.” Guest-lecture in the seminar “Comics and Graphic Narratives: History/ies – Aesthetics – Genres” by Prof. Dr. Christina Meyer, University of Hamburg, 10.01.2019

“‘How to read a Meme’. Internet Memes und Digital Literacy.” Guest-session in the seminar “Schrift und Schriftlichkeit” by Florian Busch, M.A. University of Hamburg, 15.01.2018

“Going Viral: Internet Memes and Participatory Culture.” Guest-segment in the Lecture “A Survey of American Literature and Visual Culture (Key Concepts)” by Prof. Dr. Astrid Böger. University of Hamburg, 30.01.2017.

“History and Mediality of the American Comic Book.” Seminar. Summer Term 2016, University of Hamburg. Link

“Wir schreibe ich eine Hausarbeit über Comics?” Workshop. University of Hamburg, 23.07.2015. With Andreas Veits.

“Philosophieren über Games.” Kurzworkshop. PLAY14 – 7. Festival für kreatives Computerspielen Hamburg. 16.-20. September 2014. Link